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Bedbug Control - Dorset Pest Control

Bed Bugs are parasitic and use chemical signals, such as 'pheromones', to communicate and inform each other about suitable nesting sites - and the location of food supplies (e.g. human blood).

Did You Know?
All types of Bed Bugs feed on the blood of mammals, but the most commonly referred to species (Cimex Lectularius) prefers human blood above all other food. If no human or animal food sources are available, they can survive for up to 12 months before they die.

Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)

Bed Bugs - Dorset Pest Control
Size: 5mm long - 2mm wide.
Lifespan: Varies according to food sources.
Breeding: Average 3 eggs per day.
  Up to 100 from one female.
Signs: Blood spots on bedding.
  Almond like smell.

Bed Bugs are approximately 5mm long and 2mm wide with flattened oval bodies and are red/brown in colour. They are parasitic, with humans being their favourite source of food, although they do and will feed on pets and other warm blooded animals. Bed Bugs were almost completely exterminated by the 1940's but have made a powerful re-emergence since around the mid-1990s.

Although not strictly nocturnal, bed bugs are most active during the night or early morning when they feed on the blood of their sleeping hosts. They are primarily attracted by carbon dioxide from your breath and warmth. They will normally crawl onto their hosts, but are known to drop from pelmets, headboards and fabrics such as curtains & drapes.

As Bed Bugs cannot fly they are mainly carried from one location to another by humans within luggage, furniture, clothing or other objects used as transportation. They are found in every type of living accomodation, but can be particularly common in hotels and guesthouses due to the high turnover of visitors acting as unwitting carriers or hosts. They will live close to where the host sleeps and will reside in the folds of matresses, bedding, pillows and possibly in adjacent furniture.

Bed Bugs are not commonly thought to carry disease but can cause severe itching and irritation and even, in some cases, a skin condition known as "Cimicosis". Serious infestations can also cause paranoia leading to insomnia, anxiety and stress.

Following an initial free survey by our technicians, we will identify all potential sources of infestation and thoroughly treat all areas.

It will be necessary to at least thoroughly launder - if not destroy - all infected bedding, fabrics and soft-furnishings. In serious cases, we will treat all furniture and surrounding areas. 2 - 3 treatments will be needed to completely eradicate any infestation (with more possibly required) and we will need to return to the site to confirm and ensure successful extermination.

Dorset Pest Control has learnt from experience that effective control can only be gained by efficient surveying combined with baiting, the use of contact sprays / dusts and specialist proofing measures.

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