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Fly Control - Dorset

There are many thousands of species of flies, but Dorset Pest Control are most commonly asked to deal with 3 main types: Cluster Flies (also known as 'Attic Flies'), the Common Blow-Fly (also known as the Blue Bottle) and the infamous Mosquito (or 'Gnat').
All three flies above belong to the order of Diptera (meaning two-winged), however only two of the above types of fly are parasitic.

Did You Know?
That a fly's taste receptors are in its feet..!?

Cluster Fly (Pollenia Rudis)

Cluster Fly - Dorset Pest Control
Size: up to 7mm.
Lifespan: Approx 12 months
Lifecycle: Eggs laid Spring / early Summer
Adults emerge late Summer / Autumn.

Look for: Hundreds / Thousands of flies in unused loft or attic spaces.

Cluster Fly
The Cluster Fly lays its eggs near earthworm burrows and its larvae infest the worms. In Late Summer and Autumn, the adults emerge and infest houses to hibernate - specifically unused rooms such as attics and lofts.

Mosquito (Pollenia Rudis)

Mosquitos - Dorset Pest Control
Size: up to 8mm.
Lifespan: Approx 4 - 8 Weeks
Lifecycle: 4 Stages:
Egg, Pupa, Larva, Adult
Look for: Small red itchy bites.
Black moving larvae in sources of standing water.

Mosquito Control
While Mosquitos are famed for biting humans, only the female feeds on blood to aid with egg production. They are normally found near areas of standing water such as marshes, lakes, ponds and even buckets or empty car tyres.

Blue Bottle (Calliphora Vicina)

Blue Bottle - Dorset Pest Control
Size: 10- 14 mm.
Lifespan: 4 - 8 weeks.
Lifecycle: 4 Stages:
Egg, Pupa, Larva, Adult
Look for: Pupa - hard brown torpedo shaped cocoons.
Maggots - small, white.

Blue Bottle Fly
The Blue Bottle lays its eggs on decaying meat, faeces and other rotting materials and is not technically a parasite.

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