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Wasp Nest Removal - Dorset

Wasps nest removal is a delicate process that needs to be carried out as soon as one is identified. Nests can quickly grow to an immense size and can contain up to 20,000 individuals within a matter of months if left undisturbed or untreated.

Did You Know?
There are well over 100,000 species of wasps worldwide and the majority of these are parasitic - with many laying their eggs directly into the body of a living host..!

Wasps (Vespidae)

Wasp Nest Removal Dorset
Size: 10 - 20mm.
Lifespan: Approx 12 months
LifeCycle: May/June: Build Nest / Lay Eggs
June: Eggs Hatch / Nest Grows
Sept: New Queens hibernate.
Risks: Mass stinging attacks - can be potentially fatal.
Look for: Cream, ball-shaped nests in trees, lofts, garages & sheds

At the end of April to early May, Queen wasps emerge from their hibernation period. They find a site to start building their small ball-shaped cream-coloured nests using chewed up wood pulp. Wasp nest sites are found in a variety of places such as garages, sheds, lofts, outhouses and trees.

Once a small wasp nest has been built, the Queen lays her first batch of eggs in its chamber. Within a matter of weeks these eggs hatch in to workers and set forth on a mission to develop and expand the nest at a fast and frantic pace. Within a few more weeks, the nest will increase in size considerably and can potentially contain many thousands of individual worker wasps.

The Queen wasp solely focuses on egg laying and making her nest a highly productive wasp egg 'factory'. The workers solely focus on building the nest and foraging for food within a one or two kilometres range to supply the ever-increasing population.

It is only because of their aggressive nature and their ability to deliver painful stings without dying, that make the wasp a pest... Because of this behaviour, many mass attacks occur every summer throughout the UK due to wasp nest disturbance.

These attacks are often unrelenting and a large swarm can potentially deliver thousands of stings to one person - which can be fatal in some circumstances.

When dealing with wasp nest removals, location is the first consideration as a nest that is located next to a school or play area (for example) needs to be dealt with efficiently, professionally and with the greatest of care for the surrounding population.

Dorset Pest Control is fully experienced at wasp nest removal and will treat the entrance and internal chambers of the nest directly with both contact dusts and knockdown spray.

Never endeavour to carry out wasp nest removals yourself as disturbing a wasp nest can infuriate the workers and cause mass attacks on nearby persons. Always call in a professional and qualified pest controller.

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