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Mice Removal, Control & Proofing - Dorset

House Mice are possibly, after man, the most prolific mammal on the planet due to their ability to adapt to varied environments. They carry disease and can cause damage to many parts of your home...

Did You Know?
Mice are estimated to be the cause of approximately 15% of all house fires in the UK..!

Common House Mouse (Mus Domesticus)

Mice Removal, Control & Proofing -  - Dorset Pest Control
Size: 3 - 10 cm.
Lifespan: Approx 8 months
Breeding: Gestation = 3 weeks.
Litters = Up to 16 young.
Risks: Damage to Property / Fire.
Disease - Salmonella, etc.
Look for: Small black droppings. Gnawed paper, cardboard & cables.

Over six varieties of Mouse live in the UK, although the most common - the 'House Mouse' - generally causes the greatest damage.

House Mice vary in colour from light brown to almost black and their tail is approximately the same length as their head and body combined. They are mainly found in urban and rural buildings across the UK as they take advantage of the environments that we, as humans, have created. They rarely live outside, preferring the warmth and food supplies accessible in houses and outbuildings.

Risks: Damage & Disease
Aside from being unwanted guests, the house mouse has been known to cause significant damage by chewing through food stuffs, packaging, raw materials, boxed goods, electricity cables and gas pipes.
They can also often carry or spread diseases that are harmful - and sometimes fatal - to humans, including Salmonella.

Mice have a gestation period of as little as three weeks, with litters reaching 16. The young reach sexual maturity in as little as six weeks and one pair of mice can result in 2,000 offspring in a single year... Imagine how many mice 50 pairs could produce!

Following a comprehensive, free survey by our trained and qualified technicians, we will probably place child-safe, plastic tamper-resistant baiting points in specific locations throughout the infested areas. We also consider the use of Live Trapping & Relocation.

Mice are omnivores, feeding little and often. Extensive research and experience dictates effective control can only be reached by intensive baiting, often linked with proofing measures, contact gels and dust.

There are many effective solutions to treat mice infestations, although as a fully grown mouse is able to squeeze through a gap not much bigger than a ball point pen, total proofing and prevention of their future access to a building may be very difficult..!

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control - Dorset Wherever possible, Dorset Pest Control uses the latest environmentally-friendly treatments and solutions to solve your problem, remove your infestation and prevent it happening again...

In fact, we try to minimise our impact on the environment in any way we can - from using low emission vehicles to storing, using & disposing of any chemicals & substances responsibly.

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