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Rat Removal, Control & Proofing - Dorset

Rats are so common in built-up and residential areas that at any point in time it is very likely that you are less than 5 metres from one.

Did You Know?
Rats are highly 'Neophobic' - they have extreme fear of new or moved objects and newly created spaces. Therefore, it is essential for you not to move any objects until Dorset Pest Control has carried out your free survey.

Brown Rat / Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

Rat Removal, Control & Proofing - Dorset Pest Control
Size: up to 40cm.
Lifespan: Approx 12 months
Breeding: Gestation = 3 - 3.5 weeks.
Litters = 6 - 11 young.
Risks: Fatal Diseases - (Weil's Disease) & Damage to Property.
Look for:  

The Brown Rat (also known as the 'Norway Rat') is the most common rat in the UK. It is extremely likely that it will be this species of rat that you will encounter. Its cousin, the Black Rat ("Rattus Rattus", also known as the 'Ship Rat') is much less prevalent.

The colour of the Brown Rat's fur can vary between dull brown and grey, whereas the Black Rat mostly varies between dark brown & black. Both are nocturnal, rarely venturing out in daylight. All rats are omnivores though they generally feed on cereals and grains. However, small birds, chicks and eggs can also be on the menu.

As mentioned above, rats are 'neophobic' and can take up to 4 or 5 days to accept any change to their environment, even new spaces. They prefer small-enclosed areas and get around by smell & touch. They like to like to move between objects like a wall and a pipe and are fantastic climbers - able to climb sheer brick walls to easily access loftspaces.

Risks: Disease & Damage
Rats are carriers of a number of potentially fatal diseases - these include Salmonella, Hantavirus, Rat Bite Fever and Weil's Disease (Leptospirosis).

Rats can also cause significant damage by chewing through electrical cables, food stuffs, packaging, raw materials, boxed goods, electricity cables and gas pipes as well as spreading their diseases by continually urinating everywhere they go.

Rats reach sexual maturity in as little as 12 - 16 weeks and have a gestation period of 3 to 3.5 weeks, with litters reaching up to 11. A single female rat can produce a new litter every 28 days! Colonies are hierarchical and dominated by the males, although there are many more females than males in any one colony.

Following a comprehensive, free survey by our trained and qualified technicians, we will consult with the client and then possibly place child-safe, pet-proof, tamper-resistant bait stations in specific locations throughout infested areas and return every 48 hours to monitor progress.

Dorset Pest Control has learnt from experience that effective control can only be gained by efficient surveying combined with unobtrusive baiting, the use of contact gels / dusts and specialist proofing measures.

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