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Domestic Pest Control - Dorchester, Weymouth, Poole & Bournemouth, Dorset Domestic Pest Control Dorset Domestic Pest Control - Dorchester, Weymouth, Poole & Bournemouth, Dorset

Dorset Pest Control offer the complete range of professional domestic pest control services
to homeowners across Dorset. All our initial surveys are Free - with no call-out fees or obligations to proceed.

There can be a surprisingly wide variety of pests that live in your home and are detrimental to your health. These include insects, rodents, mammals & birds - with many causing severe damage to your property and / or carrying contagious disease.

Our technicians are fully-qualified and insured to deal with every pest found in the domestic environment effectively and efficiently.

We will always place the safety of children and pets first and any treatments used are based both on our initial survey and a subsequent thorough consultation with you, the customer. It is also important to us that we try to use environmentally-friendly techniques and solutions wherever possible.

Some of the common infestations we regularly deal with in the home are ants, beetles, bedbugs, caterpillars, fleas, flies, cockroaches, moths, wasps and occasionally bee relocation. Three of these - fleas, flies and cockroaches - carry contagious diseases that are harmful - and even fatal - to man.

Rodents & Mammals:
Mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits and moles can each cause severe damage to property and gardens. Dorset Pest Control have many proven techniques & treatments to quickly and efficiently remove these pests - some of our techniques may include relocation.

A major problem often encountered by homeowners involving birds is the damage caused by bird droppings (technically referred to as 'Guano'). This can be extremely unsightly on the front of properties and vehicles, with Guano's acidic nature eating into and causing lasting damage to almost any surface it comes into contact with - even stone, brickwork and paint.

Dorset Pest Control have a full range of nets, traps and treatments to deal with any domestic pest problem.

Eco-Friendly Domestic Pest Control

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control - Dorset Wherever possible, Dorset Pest Control uses the latest environmentally-friendly treatments and solutions to solve your problem, remove your infestation and prevent it happening again...

In fact, we try to minimise our impact on the environment in any way we can - from using low emission vehicles to storing, using & disposing of any chemicals & substances responsibly.

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